Save money & CO2

with Tramling

Your benefits

Stay spontaneous

Save money

Bye, bye, CO2

Stay spontaneous

Get out of the house, and turn on the app. You don't have to commit yourself beforehand.

Communication about time & location are a thing of the past. With Tramling you organize yourself real-time and stay completely flexible.

You need a bit longer at work, you want to do something in the city? No problem with Tramling.

Save money

Really cheap for passengers. And less fuel costs for drivers.

Save money on every trip. With Tramling, journeys are significantly cheaper than with your own car, bus or train.

As a driver, you get 5 cents/km per passenger. As a passenger, you pay 5 cents/km to the driver and a one-time 25 cents per trip to Tramling.

Bye,Bye, CO2

Doing something for the climate instead of just talking about it.

With Tramling you reduce the CO2 emissions with every joint ride. With a daily route of 20 km you avoid 20 % of your per capita CO2 emissions per year, which corresponds to 2,000 kg.

Hop on whenever you like

Without time-consuming and nerve-racking prior communication.