Let's reinvent mobility

Together we can save 1,000,000 tons of CO2 per year!

Join us!

We are cyclists, hikers, divers, runners, thinkers, parents, … but above all we are concerned about the future of our planet.

Together with you we would like to make a positive contribution to climate protection.

For any commitment on this site, we would like to give something back and plant a tree on a private property in Icking, Germany. Anyone who enters their desired route at Tramling (web form or app) will receive an additional 5 Euro Tramling credit.

Why trees? Trees take on a variety of tasks in nature and do so very efficiently. Trees are cost-effective CO2 storage, regulate precipitation, cool the earth and clean the air!

2020 06 17 JÜ ARS

This is how easily you can support us !

We rely on your support to bring about sustainable change with Tramling.
Support optionsDurationLink
Communicate the desired route1 minFurther information
Spread the word1 minFurther information
Feature suggestion5 minFurther information
App download5 minFurther information
Prepaid credit5 minFurther information

Enter the desired route

We are working on new tramling lines. You can support us with your desired route (anonymously) so that we can soon open a Tramling line for you.

Spread the word

Tramling thrives by participation. Let your friends, acquaintances, family and employers know about Tramling.

Inform us via Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter or alert your employer via e-mail.

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App download!

Download the free Tramling app, enter your desired route and use it on your daily routes (if there is already a Tramling line on your route).


Tell us what we should improve

Please let us know which functionalities are important to you and let us know if something is missing.

Your feedback has a direct impact on our product development – we try to implement as much of it as possible.

Buy Tramling Prepaid Credits!

Especially in the initial phase of Tramling, we depend on every cent. We do not receive any salary and have made Tramling our main occupation. We need your support, especially for the further development of the Tramling app and the opening of further lines.

Whether it’s a lot or little. Whether unique or regular. We can use any support!

For every euro you now give to us, you will receive two Euro Tramling Credits, which will be credited to your user account.

Check out our progress and learn more about the background

In addition to the CO2 savings that are realized daily with the Tramling app, we would like to give you something for your commitment! For any commitment on this site we plant a tree.

We decided to plant the trees with our own hands on a private piece of land in 82057 Icking, Germany for now. Once we have finished the first ten trees, we will decide how to proceed. We are currently evaluating possible alternatives such as public land or planting through partner organisations.

For every 100 engagements on this page we plant a tree! As described above, we include any kind of your participation: desired route via web form or app, spread the word with friends or on social media, suggestions for improvement of our product, as well as the purchase of Tramling pre-paid credits.

Thank you for your support! Without you, Tramling would not be possible!

Number of engagements
Number of trees already planted

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Overview of our area for the first 10 trees

Jörg plants the first tree

The first tree grows

Details on Tramling Credits

1) The Tramling Credit is only usable for the Tramling Platform Fee, which is charged per trip, but not for the payment of the driver. Because the driver wants to continue to halve the fuel costs.

Let's reinvent mobility !

Together, we can save 1,000,000 tons of CO2 per year.