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Tramling helps you and your employees save CO2 and money.

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Your benefits

Save CO2

Save CO2 every day and show the savings with the Tramling Dashboard.

Increase employee motivation

Shared travel costs mean increased net income for your employees. Tramling also leads to a more connected and motivated workforce.

Reduce parking requirements

Each passenger reduces the required capacity of parking spaces.

Free up key access routes

By reducing traffic on key access routes, you also reduce commuting time and employee frustration. Your community also benefits from this.

Reduce infection risk

Employees feel safer and are better protected from infections than in public transport.

Reaffirm your positioning

Reaffirme your position as a sustainable and forward-looking company.

Free participation in just a few steps

No costs and no effort. Help your employees save CO2 and money.

Free introduction of Tramling in just a few steps

Company informs employees via email

Employees enter daily route (anonymously)

Determination of routes and stops by Tramling

Information to employees about your Tramling lines and stops

Start a pilot line in your company

Start of further Tramling lines

Participate for free as a company

Raising commuter routes

Contact us to learn exactly how to participate as a company.

Based on commuting data of your employees, we develop the optimal network of tramling lines and stops. As soon as the local Tramling network is put into operation, you will receive a monthly report on the CO2 saved by your employees for your environmental reporting. If you want to do even more for the environment and your employees, you can offer reserved parking spaces or financial support for Tramling users.

Free participation for companies

Help your employees save CO2 and money.